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Fly fishing on our beautiful mountain lakes.


130.- CHF / p.pers (maximum 25 people)

The goal of the day is to introduce participants to this universe. Several stands are organized near a medium-altitude Valais lake, easy to access, with specialized trainers to help you discover the different facets of fly fishing.

During the morning, you will be able to follow:

  • an introduction to the necessary equipment and its assembly
  • a simple fly-making workshop
  • a first pitching court
  • fishing session, try to catch with the help of an instructor your first fly fish with the fly (s) you have made

Then, a wine tasting can be organized with the arrival of a winegrower from Fuillerain followed by a convivial raclette as a midday meal.

The afternoon is rather free for those who are interested in persisting in fly tying or fishing, always supervised by several specialists.

End of the day around 5:00 p.m.

Prices :

130.- CHF / participants (maximum 25 participants)

Included in the price:

Fly tying equipment

Fishing equipment (rod, reel, polarizing glasses, flies, etc.)
Tasting and raclette
Souvenir photo of the day
Not included in the price:

Fishing license (compulsory between CHF 5 and 35.-)

Travel to the meeting place

Additional drinks after tasting